We combine marketing and design to help brands define their positions, create a unique voice and build sustainable value. We specialise in brand strategy, identity, packaging, digital design and retail environments, working with everything from small scale companies to global corporations.

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Art & Commerce

The founders of The Studio combine two seemingly contradictory backgrounds, one in art and design, the other in business and marketing. We believe that the intersection of those perspectives strengthens and refines the concepts we develop. For us, good design has two, equally strong, dimensions: art and commerce. Artistic values make the design clear, timeless and functional. The marketing dimension makes it relevant and commercially viable. Without the art, the design becomes soulless and elusive. And without the commercial aspect, it betrays its mission to create value. So every project we undertake, big or small, is measured against our high standards within both of those perspectives.



Our design drives business and delivers value for our clients. That is the purpose of what we do. We understand the role that branding and graphic design play within the marketing context, we have seen what works – and what doesn’t. Our starting point is the universe surrounding the brand. Who are the competitors and what do they say, do and look like? What are the opportunities and unexplored areas? We love getting to know new industries and over the years have become experts on anything from power converters to kids fashion accessories.


At The Studio we use knowledge, not guesswork. We trust our clients to know their business, but we have learned over time that some ideas about how things are get cemented and become “truths” that no one within an industry or company questions. We challenge those kinds of assumptions in a constructive and explorative way, because we think this kind of curiosity can help uncover both pitfalls and opportunities. Often good ideas come from asking questions.


The key in today’s increasingly busy marketplace is to stand out. The difficulty is not merely to look or act different – but to do it in a way that is interesting and relevant, and that consumers can endorse. We map out existing communication codes within product categories and explore which ones we can break, and how. Based on those insights, we create a “world” that encompasses every interface of the brand; visual, physical and sensorial. The result is a holistic concept, founded on strong, relevant ideas and unique for each brand.


The difference between a good brand and a great brand is often in the details. These details may be subtle, things that the average consumer won’t notice. But they contribute to the overall impression of the brand and determine how we perceive it. It all matters – from the choice of paper and printing techniques to making sure an identity is consistently applied across every touch point of a brand. From concept development through design and final production, we ensure that everything holds together, down to the details.





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