Say goodbye to passwords

The combination of user name and password to login to secure information has been around since the 1960s. Covr founder Peter Alexanderson, inventor of validation system Bank ID in Sweden, has now come up with a two-factor, encrypted smartphone validation, set to become the new global standard.


Covr allows you to validate your identity for virtually anything: from monetary transactions, cloud services and email accounts, to secure messaging, physical entry and media subscriptions. And it is 100% secure.


Something that should be entrusted by millions, needs to feel friendly and accessible. And for people to understand the simplicity of use, the identity also had to be clear and uncomplicated.


Making the app intuitive and user-friendly was central. A series of pictograms was developed to support functionality and navigation.


Covr Security

The combination of user name and password to login to secure information in computers have been around since the 1960s. In today’s digital era, this system is extremely weak and vulnerable, and as a consequence, cyber crime is skyrocketing. Although a lot of different solutions have since been developed for specific purposes where an elevated level of security is needed, there is no new universal standard that can live up to the extremely high security demands required today, while still be user friendly. Until now. Or, at least the solution is there. Peter Alexandersson, the inventor of the system Bank ID, widely used by banks and authorities alike in Sweden, has developed an encrypted two-factor, four channel digital security system for easy and secure validation by smartphone, called Covr.

The Studio created a logo based on a rounded typeface, set in all caps to communicate both seriousness and user-friendliness and accessibility. Atop the word mark, as a protective cover, is a bar, a graphic device used for headlines as well to give the typography even more character. A bright teal color was selected to make the brand stand out and to communicate warmth and energy. Since it is absolutely vital that people understand how the solution works and how it can be applied, a lot of effort was put into de-complicating the advanced technical solution and to make communication in apps and wire frames simple and straightforward. 

Only a couple of years after the invention was realized, Covr has taken in millions in venture capital and has recently landed some prestige clients, such as Bangkok Bank with some 15 million users. The future looks very bright indeed – and secure. 

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