Cheers, mate

Nature’s energy drink. For an invigorating boost, Charitea’s line extension Mate comes with a dose of Argentinian passion. The source is organically grown and fair trade mate tea.


The amber glass sets the Charitea Mate products apart, while the iconic bottle silhouette links it to the Lemonaid family. A bold application of graphics wrap 360° around the bottle, allowing for a dynamic shelf display.


Leading positive change, five cents from every bottle sold is donated to the nonprofit Lemonaid & Charitea Foundation which fund social projects in the growing regions. Only organic ingredients from around the world make it into the Fairtrade iced teas.


With plenty of natural caffeine, the fresh brewed mate tea quickly caught on in the urban club and bar scene, quickly becoming the brand’s single most sold product.


Mate Ginger Sugarfree, the most recent addition to the product line differentiates through colour and stands out with great taste.