Sound in fashion

The collaboration with Happy Plugs initiated H&M’s first product launch within fashion electronics.


The four elements, air, earth, water and fire provided themes for the Happy Plugs × H&M product range.


The project included the creation of visuals representing each element in collaboration with photographer Carl Kleiner.


The images were used on the H&M website, social media as well as external advertising.


H&M Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs has come on the market as somewhat of a pioneer within fashion electronics over the past five years in Sweden. It has established itself as a young and exciting company that offers contemporary electronic products such as earplugs and sound systems and is currently active within 70 markets worldwide. With a emphasis on fashion and design at an affordable price, this was a natural collaboration for H&M.

The Studio was commissioned to develop the visual expression for the collaboration which included the design of the logotype as well as art direction for an image series to be used on the H&M website, social media and external advertising.

The four elements, air, earth, water and fire provided themes for the Happy Plugs × H&M product range. The Studio collaborated with photographer Carl Kleiner to visualise these themes, setting the products within still-life sets representing each of the four elements.

The collaboration with Happy Plugs initiated H&M’s first product launch within fashion electronics.

Photography: Carl Kleiner

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