Turning up the volume in home electronics

In a market characterized by volume sales, price offers and fast pace, Hages has always held on to old qualities of genuine expertise, laid-back staff and a well curated product range. We love it, and so do their customers.


One of the most iconic and universally recognized audio symbols was used for the logotype – the volume sign. Classic yet eternally modern, it lends itself very well to digital animations as well as print applications and physical objects.


The new Hages identity was applied to anything from exterior signage, product communication, price signs, digital interactive screens, staff clothes, to the website and various promotional items.



Hages is one of the oldest electronics goods companies in Stockholm. They started selling short wave radios to people living in the archipelago in the 1940s. When TV sets became part of their offering, they had already been in business for some 20 years. Today, when electronics are sold almost solely on price by large chains or online, Hages has stayed true to their business model and over time grown a solid reputation and a loyal client base to their shop just south of the Stockholm city centre. 

As the name Hages TV & Video had started to become obsolete, and the company was about to open up a second store in the centre of Stockholm, it was decided to freshen up the company’s graphic identity. The Studio was commissioned for the job. 

The name was shortened to simply ”Hages”. An iconic, classic symbol was developed, suitable for a company true to old-school service ideals, accessibility and genuine expertise. The ”volume” sign, around since the very early days of transistor radios yet still modern and universally recognized, is used both in a lock-up with the word mark, and as a standalone symbol, in animated form as well as in print. The primary identity colors are limited to black and white, to reflect the binary nature of signals and bits. A robust and highly legible typeface was selected to make a clear and easy system for in-store communication: product descriptions, price signs, orientation etc.

The identity and name change were very well received and have helped Hages to further establish the company as the go-to place for superior service, friendly, knowledgeable staff and a hand-picked selection of high-quality electronics goods.

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